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At Abastible, we’re dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. That is why we have created the ScaleUp Abastible Program. Our aim is to collaborate with startups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs in developing new businesses that address challenges or energy demands within the industrial, commercial, and mining sectors. Through this initiative, we strive to nurture new businesses with significant growth potential which need a strategic partner that can offer support and guidance in various aspects of their business development.


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Areas of interest

We welcome all companies interested in addressing energy-related needs among B2B customers. Here are some examples of potential solutions to consider:

  • Low-emission mobility solutions
    Examples: Hybrid engine options, battery replacements, electro mobility solutions, innovative mobility technologies, and H2V and electric transportation.
  • Clean energy
    Examples: consider solutions like new renewable energy generation methods such as hydrogen (EPC, blending, HRS), green gas, CO2 capture, and energy storage solutions.
  • Digitization of Energy
    Examples: solutions such as Smart Grid integration, SaaS platforms, Fintech innovations, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, data science, and marketing strategies tailored to the energy sector.
  • Energy Services and Solutions
    Examples: New thermal, electrical, hybrid, and HVAC solutions, along with lighting upgrades, improvements in habitability, and maintenance services.

Why choose to work with Abastible?

We provide essential resources to help take your business to new level, including:

  • Financing (Capex)
    We offer capital investment for the joint development of projects, with the option to provide insurance or financial guarantees tailored to the project or business requirements.
  • Dedicated Team
    Our team comprises experts in engineering and risk analysis, ready to assist with the creation of technical studies, including HAZOP assessments and other critical engineering needs for your project.
  • Scaling the Business
    We support the development of sales strategies to identify and validate the business model, targeting potential markets where Abastible operates, such as Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. Our focus is on accelerating the execution of these plans.
  • Legal and Regulatory Assistance
    Our dedicated legal team is here to help with drafting and reviewing legal documents, as well as ensuring compliance with necessary regulations critical for project success.
  • Fundraising Partnerships
    Abastible can engage as a beneficiary partner, co-implementer, or associate in sourcing and applying for competitive funds at national and international levels, particularly in energy-related domains.
  • Softlanding
    Abastible is committed to offering robust assistance to foreign entrepreneurs that are seeking expansion into the countries within our operational scope. Our company provides valuable commercial and financial guidance to streamline the establishment of operations in Chile, as well as other nations where we maintain a presence, including Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia

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